Happy 13th anniversary to SMC!

Hey folks,

Well, technically it was yesterday, but I was starting a new job, so I was too tired to come on and post. Actually, I’m still exhausted, so I’ll probably add more to this on Saturday. I just wanted to let everyone know that things are moving along. Although I was unemployed for longer than I wanted to be, I didn’t have to sell much equipment, and most importantly not the Roland Integra-7, which will make for exciting listening for many of you soon, I hope.

I will try to post some rough solo samples of the Integra’s quality later this week, to give an idea of what it can sound like. Of course, it will be Sierra based. :)
On the Integra, I have got roughly 50% through listening to the stock samples (which it has ~6000 of). Once I have listened to them all, and categorized them, I will be working on the SMC Sierra Music project I started back in late 2014. It will be finished, and will be SMC’s next released project, I want to show off the Integra. No dates yet for obvious reasons. ;)

So, my regards, and thanks for helping me be here for 13 years. Special thanks to Bountice (Stephane), SMC’s current webmaster, web hoster and co-forum administrator. He has helped me keep the website going, as (unfortunately) pretty much the only surviving Sierra music website. Without him I would just be a guy posting occasional MP3’s on people’s websites/Facebook, and probably do most recording for myself. Please thank him if you appreciate this :)
I will try to keep my end of the bargain up and ensure there’s some new content this year, which I have discussed previously.

Thanks for helping keep the music alive!
– Alistair and Stephane