Freddy Pharkas Frontier Pharmacist

A genius blend of comedy and downright absurdity, from who else but the funniest cowboy of all time, Josh Mandel, and the notorious outlaw himself, Al Lowe, as everyone’s favourite pharmacist Freddy is forced to revisit his gunslingin’ past in order to save his beloved Coarsegold from an unknown foe.
This double soundtrack CD features the original “Freddy Pharkas: Frontier Pharmacist” Roland SC-55 General MIDI soundtrack, recorded from a Roland Sound Canvas SC-55mkII, with extensive Roland MT-32, Roland SC-8850 ED and Yamaha MU100R XG enhancements.
All digital tracks recorded from a M-Audio FireWire Audiophile sound card, at a rate of 44.1 kHz in stereo, and encoded in high-quality LAME MP3 format in the VBR mode, with an average bitrate of 224 kbps.
For more information please see SMC’s forums, including the page of information on how to burn a SMC audio CD.
The digital tracks were created and mixed by SMC, remastered by Aubrey Hodges in his EA studio, and edited and mixed again by SMC for the final result. A LOT of work went into this one! 😉
For the purists out there- I know I’m one of them!- master copies are available in lossless WAV format available for shipping upon (patient) request.