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Freddy Pharkas Frontier Pharmacist Soundtrack CD

A genius blend of comedy and downright absurdity, from who else but the funniest cowboy of all time, Josh Mandel, and the notorious outlaw himself, Al Lowe, as everyone's favourite pharmacist Freddy is forced to revisit his gunslingin' past in order to save his beloved Coarsegold from an unknown foe.
This double soundtrack CD features the original "Freddy Pharkas: Frontier Pharmacist" Roland SC-55 General MIDI soundtrack, recorded from a Roland Sound Canvas SC-55mkII, with extensive Roland MT-32, Roland SC-8850 ED and Yamaha MU100R XG enhancements.
All digital tracks recorded from a M-Audio FireWire Audiophile sound card, at a rate of 44.1 kHz in stereo, and encoded in high-quality LAME MP3 format in the VBR mode, with an average bitrate of 224 kbps.
For more information please see SMC's forums, including the page of information on how to burn a SMC audio CD.
The digital tracks were created and mixed by SMC, remastered by Aubrey Hodges in his EA studio, and edited and mixed again by SMC for the final result. A LOT of work went into this one! ;)
For the purists out there- I know I'm one of them!- master copies are available in lossless WAV format available for shipping upon (patient) request.
CD 1 Front Cover Art     CD 1 Back Cover Art
CD 2 Front Cover Art     CD 2 Back Cover Art

Composer: Aubrey Hodges, 1993

01Sierra Fanfare
length: 0:17
02Opening Theme
length: 0:48
03The Ballad Of Freddy Pharkas (MIDI)
length: 3:28
04The Ballad Of Freddy Pharkas (Digital)
length: 3:18
05The Golden Balls Saloon, Act I
length: 2:37
06Mom's Cafe
length: 3:53
07The Saloon And Cafe's Rear (Hop Singh's Theme)
length: 2:07
08Freddy Drinks Dad Gum's Elixir
length: 0:15 *
09Reverend Sy Hallelujah's Church
length: 2:37 **
10Main Street/Smithie's Blacksmith
length: 1:11
11Bank Of Bob
length: 1:10
12Chester Field's Mercantile Store
length: 1:13
13Salvatori O' Hanrahan's Barber Shop
length: 1:53
14Sheriff Checkum P. Shift's Office
length: 1:37
15Miss Penelope Primm's Schoolhouse
length: 2:48
16Pharkas Pharmacy
length: 2:34
17Pharmacy Backroom
length: 3:12
18Pharmacy Workbench
length: 2:07
19Drunk Ol' Doc Gillespie
length: 2:16
20Smithie's Ailment
length: 0:59
21The Golden Balls Saloon, Act II
length: 1:34
22Freddy Succumbs To The Horse Flatulence
length: 0:11 *
23Freddy Sells Out To The Bank
length: 0:11 *
24It's Slime Time, Freddy!
length: 0:11 *
25Snail Lemmings
length: 1:06 **
26An Indian And Some Fire Ants
length: 1:30
27Freddy's New Sidekick, Srini Bagdahti
length: 2:09
28The Toilet Queue
length: 1:03
29Cedric In The Desert
length: 1:05
30Fire In The Assay Office!
length: 2:30
31The Conspirators (The Sheriff And The Banker)
length: 1:20
32Madame Ovaree's Ye Old 'Orehouse
length: 1:46
33Freddy's Bedroom
length: 1:19
34The Golden Balls Saloon, Act III
length: 1:16
35Shootin' With Srini
length: 1:14
36Dressing As A Hero
length: 2:18
37Whittlin' Willy Narrates
length: 1:03
38The Golden Balls Saloon, Act IV
length: 1:19
39Zircon Jim Laffer
length: 0:59
40Wheaton "Aces" Hall's Card Game
length: 2:02
41Bustin' "Aces"
length: 1:21
42Rest In Pieces, Freddy
length: 0:19 *
43A Good Ol' Fashioned Trick Shot
length: 0:39
44The Gunhappy Cowhands
length: 2:42
45The Lever Brothers- Freddy, Aim, Fire!
length: 4:57
46Kenny The Kid's Return
length: 2:25
47Confrontin' Penelope
length: 1:43
48Penelope's Confession/Fire!
length: 3:08
49Showdown With Penelope And Kenny
length: 3:08 **
50Freddy Victorious
length: 1:36
51The Ballad Of The End Of The Game Of Freddy Pharkas (Digital)
length: 1:22
52The Ballad Of The End Of The Game Of Freddy Pharkas (MIDI)
length: 2:13
53Closing Theme
length: 1:17
54Closing Credits Medley
length: 4:46
55Golden Balls Saloon, Act I
length: 2:35
56Freddy's Bedroom
length: 1:19
57Willy Narrates
length: 1:02
58Opening Theme
length: 0:47

NOTE: Track times are slightly longer on the SMC-only mastered version, included with the limited edition CD and available here in ZIP format.
Total Time: Using Disc-at-Once CD-R recording method, which this CD is designed for (with the 2 second track gaps disabled for a more seamless listening experience), total length is approximately 105 minutes- designed to fit on 2 74 or 80 minute CD-R's, roughly 55 and then 50 minutes on the two discs.
(Of course, you can put alternate versions or remixes to fill them up if you want.)
* Denotes Death/Game Over music.
** Denotes special sound effect-less version.
A zip with all 3 can be found here.
All MIDI's recorded/edited/converted/enhanced by SMC and the 4 bonus tracks by Aubrey Hodges. All original digital tracks created/mixed by SMC and all remastered digital tracks by SMC and Aubrey Hodges.
CD Produced by SMC, January - April 2008 (Initial ideas/recordings from 2007).
CD Artwork courtesy of Stephane Mainil (Bountice).
All images and original music copyright 1993, Sierra On-Line, Inc.
Address all questions/comments to Alistair.

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