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Pitfall - The Mayan Adventure Soundtrack CD

A thrilling journey through Mayan jungles, caves and temples, as Pitfall Harry Jr searches to save his legendary father from the evil Lord, Zakelua!
This single soundtrack CD features the original "Pitfall: The Mayan Adventure" digital CD soundtrack, ripped from the original game CD and arranged, plus a bonus long Mayan Adventure medley was created to fill the CD and take you through the jungle 'one more time'. 3 bonus tracks are included, but are not designed to be burned to CD.
All digital tracks are encoded in Ogg Vorbis format at a rate of 44.1 kHz in stereo, using the variable bitrate (VBR) method at a quality of 7 (approx. 224 kbps average bitrate at q7 VBR). For more information, please see SMC's forums and the Ogg Vorbis explanation page, as well as the page of information on how to burn a SMC audio CD. (Of course, feel welcome to visit the SMC forums if you still have trouble burning a CD or want to know how we do it.)
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Composer: David Kneupper, original soundtrack
Soundelux Media Labs, CD arrangement (Lead Arranger/Producer: Scott Gershin)

01Introduction (Abduction of Pitfall Harry)
length: 0:25 min
02Mayan Adventure Theme
length: 0:44 min
03Ceiba Jungle
length: 3:43 min
04Xibalba Falls
length: 4:07 min
05Tazamul Mines
length: 4:32 min
06Lost City of Copan
length: 2:32 min
07Copan Temple
length: 3:53 min
08Lakamul Rainforest
length: 3:00 min
09Yaxchilan Lagoon
length: 3:14 min
10Palenque Ruins (Old Version)
length: 1:38 min
11Tomb of Palenque (Old Version)
length: 1:33 min
12Balankanche Mine
length: 4:18 min
13Jaina Island Falls
length: 3:01 min
14Tikal Ruins
length: 3:52 min
15Temple of Tikal
length: 4:10 min
16Continue Your Journey?
length: 1:53 min
17Warrior Spirit (Zakelua, Final Boss)
length: 2:14 min
18Pitfall Harry Jr. Victorious!
length: 0:26 min
19Closing Credits Medley
length: 27:48 min
20Mayan Adventure Jungle Dance Mix
length: 2:16 min
21Leaving the Jungle
length: 0:40 min

Bonus Tracks

These tracks are also from Pitfall: The Mayan Adventure, but are 2 background tracks and an outtake, and as such not included in the actual final 80-min CD. They are provided for your listening pleasure and for the sake of completeness.
01Introduction to the Jungle
length: 2:26 min
02Introduction to the Falls
length: 1:54 min
03Jaina Island Falls (Old Version)
length: 1:43 min

Total Time: Using Disc-at-Once CD-R recording method, which this CD is designed for, total length is 79:59 minutes (I pushed it!), designed to fit on an 80 minute CD-R.
CD artwork and track comments coming soon!.
All digital tracks ripped/created/converted by SMC.
A Soundtrack by David Kneupper and Soundelux Media Labs.
CD Produced by SMC, March 2007.
CD Artwork courtesy of Activision (taken from the original Windows 95 CD art), ripped/edited by Jonathon Gillett.
All images and original music copyright 1995, Activision and David Kneupper/Soundelux Media Labs.
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