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SMC Sierra Music Volume 1 CD

An assorted CD, full of classic "Quest" goodness, with some other games thrown in for good measure, recorded back when I was just 17!
Enjoy what I originally described as, back in 2003, "An assorted 'soundtrack CD' comprising various wonderful Sierra game tracks from various talented Sierra composers.".
The single soundtrack CD (from 2003) features an assorted CD, with Roland MT-32 and Roland Sound Canvas SC-55 (General MIDI) soundtracks enhanced with each other, and also the Roland Sound Canvas SC-8850! Recorded digitally, using a Sound Blaster Audigy 2 SE.
All tracks in this SMC soundtrack are enhanced - including the "SC-55" and "MT-32" only tracks (no mix), which have had reverb enhancements in their creation, and mixing arrangements.
All digital tracks are encoded at 44.1 kHz in stereo (CD quality) in two formats for your convenience:
1. Every track links to a MP3 file (formerly, this would link to Ogg's) encoded with LAME at an average 220 kbps, using the VBR method (if you don't care, it's high-quality).
2. The RAR* at the top of the page is the complete score in Ogg Vorbis format, at quality 7 (an average of 210 kbps), using the VBR method (also high-quality).
*can be opened with WinZip
For more information, please see SMC's forums and the new MP3/Ogg Vorbis explanation page, as well as the page on how to burn an SMC audio CD (also new!). (Of course, feel welcome to visit the SMC forums/contact Alistair if you have any issues/questions at all.)
ALSO: This rerelease of the old CD has a bonus track- while checking out the SMC archives (which I had to go through to find these old master recordings!), I found a track which never made it to the final cut. It's now included for completeness as the last track, an "Outtake".
Ogg Zip files

Composer: Various

01Sierra Discovery Theme/Introduction
length: 1:56 min
02School's Out!
length: 1:05 min
03The Game Board
length: 1:18 min
04Olga's General Store
length: 2:50 min
05WD-40 (The Bust)
length: 3:17 min
06Play A Set
length: 2:11 min
07The Blue Room
length: 2:35 min
08Kobold Cave
length: 2:12 min
09Larry's Room
length: 2:02 min
length: 1:17 min
11Arnie's (Enhanced)
length: 1:11 min
12Office of Dr. Brain (The Monolith)
length: 2:00 min
13Detective Mosely
length: 1:26 min
14The Elf Cave
length: 2:16 min
15Roger's Quarters
length: 2:46 min
16The Bamboo Jungle
length: 4:28 min
17Junk Dealers
length: 2:25 min
18Morgue/City Theme
length: 1:40 min
19Dance Of The Flowers
length: 1:13 min
20Campfire Song
length: 1:20 min
21Upstairs Hallway Day 2
length: 1:21 min
22The Toxic Waste Dump
length: 1:46 min
23The Oracle
length: 1:53 min
length: 1:57 min
25Victrola Theme #221
length: 2:19 min
26Sharpei! (The Gas)
length: 2:58 min
27Patti Live!
length: 1:33 min
28Hero's Hut
length: 2:57 min
29The Oak Tree
length: 1:35 min
30Natives' Huts
length: 1:40 min
31Patrolling Theme #1
length: 2:13 min
32Wraith Battle
length: 2:04 min
33Daryl, The Gate Guard
length: 1:25 min
34Robot Garbage Freighter
length: 2:22 min
35Spooky Theme
length: 1:38 min
36Hero's End Ceremony
length: 4:14 min
37Closing Themes
length: 1:58 min
38(Outtake) Opening Theme
length: 1:34 min

Total Time: Using Disc-at-Once CD-R recording method, which all SMC CDs are designed for, total length is 37 (or 38 with the outtake) tracks, approximately 77:30 minutes (79 with the outtake) - designed to fit on a 80 minute CD-R.
Please post on the SMC forums if you have any opinion on this CD at all, whether it be the games, or the music, or my recordings! I'd love to hear it.
All MIDI's recorded/edited/converted/enhanced by SMC. All digital tracks mixed/created by SMC.
Soundtracks by various talented Sierra composers.
CD Produced by SMC, from October - December 2003.
CD Artwork was sadly never made for this release.
Thanks also to the various SMC beta testers, back in the day. Beta testers are always wanted at SMC, so volunteer yourself today at the forums!
All images and original music copyright 1988-1995, Sierra On-Line, Inc. Website copyright 2007, SMC.
Address all questions/comments to Alistair.

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