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Legend of Kyrandia Book One- "Fables and Fiends"

A magical adventure, as Brandon discovers his royal background and ultimately his destiny- to save Kyrandia from the evil jester Malcolm and reclaim the Kyragem!
This single soundtrack CD features the original "Legend of Kyrandia 1- Fables and Fiends" Roland MT-32 soundtrack, with Roland Sound Canvas SC-55mkII, Roland SC-8850 ED and Yamaha MU100R XG enhancements (primarily, the MT-32 and SC-8850 mixed together)! *
* (Pool of Sorrow being the exception, with a MIDI/digital mixed track)
The MIDI files were recorded digitally, using a M-Audio FireWire Audiophile.
All digital tracks encoded in Ogg Vorbis format at a rate of 44.1 kHz in stereo, using the variable bitrate (VBR) method at a quality of 7 (approx. 224 kbps average bitrate at Q7 VBR). For more information please see SMC's forums and the Ogg Vorbis explanation page, as well as the page of information on how to burn a SMC audio CD.
(Of course, feel welcome to visit the SMC forums if you still have trouble burning a CD or want to know how we do it.)

Composer: Frank Klepacki (Music), Dwight Okahara (SFX)

01Kyrandia Theme and Introduction
length: 4:03 min
02Speech of the Land
length: 2:44 min
03Outside Brandon's Home (The Forest)
length: 3:40 min
04Temple of Kyrandia
length: 1:36 min
05Brynn (Enchanted Note)
length: 2:04 min
06Pool Of Sorrow *
length: 3:43 min
07Healing the Willow
length: 0:18 min
08Playing with Merith
length: 0:12 min
09The Forest Altar (and Getting the Amulet)
length: 1:01 min
10Rope Climb Attempt (and Death Theme)
length: 0:29 min
11The Timbermist Woods
length: 2:24 min
12Darm and Brandywine
length: 1:54 min
13Nolby and the Oldest Tree in Kyrandia **
length: 1:40 min
14Healing the Songbird
length: 0:26 min
length: 1:18 min
16Serpent's Grotto (The Cavern)
length: 1:59 min
17The Emerald Cavern
length: 3:00 min
18Floating (Will-O-Wisp)
length: 3:16 min
19Tree Incident (and Zanthia's Lab)
length: 2:52 min
20Malcolm at the Enchanted Fountain
length: 2:26 min
21In the Shadowlands (Faeriewood)
length: 2:56 min
22Restoring the Fountain
length: 0:12 min
23The Royal Chalice (and Pipsqueak)
length: 2:04 min
24Pegasus- Brandon's Transformation, and Journey
length: 1:25 min
25A Dark Island
length: 2:00 min
length: 1:40 min
27Malcolm in Castle Kyrandia
length: 2:05 min
28Exploring the Castle of Kyrandia
length: 3:11 min
29Herman, Possessed!
length: 0:36 min
30Castle Dungeon
length: 4:16 min
31Malcolm's Challenge
length: 1:06 min
32Final Showdown with Malcolm
length: 1:36 min
33Malcolm Defeated (Closing Scenes)
length: 1:42 min
34Closing Credits (Kyrandia Saved!)
length: 3:02 min

Total Time: Using Disc-at-Once CD-R recording method, which this CD is designed for, total length is approximately 69 minutes- designed to fit on a 74 or 80 minute CD-R. (Of course, you can put alternate versions or remixes to fill it up if you want.)
Pool of Sorrow digital remix courtesy of Ryan8bit and DJ Carbunk1e. Reproduced with permission.
Track 13, "Nolby", has an alternate version, as the version presented on the CD is a rather different realisation that what the original piece is like (in my view, a good thing!). For people who don't like it though, please download this alternate version.
It's recorded from the Roland MT-32/Sound Canvas SC-8850 ED, is 1:40 min long, and is 2.33 MB.
Also, for those purists, the original Kyrandia CD created in 2005 can be found here.
(I say purists because the old CD was pretty much straight MT-32.)
CD artwork and track comments coming soon!
All MIDI's recorded/edited/converted/enhanced by SMC. All digital tracks mixed/created by SMC.
A Soundtrack by Frank Klepacki
CD Produced by SMC, from various efforts, March 2004- January 2007. (Original CD March 2004- January 2005. New CD mixed over March 2006, July 2006, September 2006, November 2006 and January 2007.)
CD Artwork courtesy of Shannon Leaman (Skeen).
All images and original music copyright 1992/3, Westwood Studios Inc.
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