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Mixed-Up Mother Goose Deluxe Soundtrack CD

A remake of a remake of a classic!
This single soundtrack CD is a direct, high-quality rip of the original "Mixed-Up Mother Goose Deluxe" bonus CD soundtrack!
Although the original in-game soundtrack was digital, it was in low quality digital audio. These digital tracks from the bonus CD that shipped with the game are CD quality audio.
All digital tracks are encoded in Ogg Vorbis format at a rate of 44.1 kHz in stereo, using the variable bitrate method at a quality of 7. For more information, please see SMC's forums and the Ogg Vorbis explanation page, as well as the page of information on how to burn a SMC audio CD. (Of course, feel welcome to visit the SMC forums if you still have trouble burning a CD or want to know how we do it.)
CD Artwork #1     CD Artwork #2

Composer: Guy Whitmore

01Mother Goose Land Theme
length: 0:46 min
02Little Jack Horner
length: 2:09 min
03Crooked Man
length: 1:32 min
04Ol' King Cole
length: 2:18 min
05Banbury Cross
length: 1:49 min
06Humpty Dumpty
length: 1:41 min
07Mary Mary, Quite Contrary
length: 1:02 min
08Peter, Peter, Pumpkin Eater
length: 1:22 min
09Jack And Jill
length: 2:01 min
10Mary Had A Little Lamb
length: 1:53 min
11Little Bo-Peep
length: 3:00 min
12Hey Diddle, Diddle!
length: 0:58 min
13The Old Woman Who Lived In A Shoe
length: 1:07 min
14Little Miss Muffet
length: 1:28 min
15Hickory Dickory Dock
length: 1:12 min
16Little Tommy Tucker
length: 1:23 min
17Where Has My Little Dog Gone?
length: 0:59 min
18Jack Sprat
length: 1:17 min
19Jack Be Nimble
length: 1:18 min
20Mother Goose Wants You to Sing Along
length: 0:26 min
21Little Jack Horner (instrumental)
length: 2:15 min
22Crooked Man (instrumental)
length: 1:32 min
23Ol' King Cole (instrumental)
length: 2:18 min
24Banbury Cross (instrumental)
length: 1:53 min
25Humpty Dumpty (instrumental)
length: 1:44 min
26Mary Mary, Quite Contrary (instrumental)
length: 1:05 min
27Peter, Peter, Pumpkin Eater (instrumental)
length: 1:22 min
28Jack And Jill (instrumental)
length: 2:06 min
29Mary Had A Little Lamb (instrumental)
length: 1:56 min
30Little Bo-Peep (instrumental)
length: 3:01 min
31Hey Diddle, Diddle! (instrumental)
length: 0:58 min
32The Old Woman Who Lived In A Shoe (instrumental)
length: 1:07 min
33Little Miss Muffet (instrumental)
length: 1:32 min
34Hickory Dickory Dock (instrumental)
length: 1:18 min
35Little Tommy Tucker (instrumental)
length: 1:27 min
36Where Has My Little Dog Gone? (instrumental)
length: 0:59 min
37Jack Sprat (instrumental)
length: 1:21 min
38Jack Be Nimble (instrumental)
length: 1:22 min
39End Credits
length: 5:25 min

Total Time: Using Disc-at-Once CD-R recording method, which this CD is designed for, total length is approximately 65 minutes- designed to fit on a 74 or 80 minute CD-R.
CD artwork by Jonathon Gillett.

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