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Quest for Glory 4 Shadows of Darkness Soundtrack CD

The complete gothic, folk and rock "Shadows of Darkness" score, recorded back when I was just 17!
Sit back and mellow/rock out as the Hero of the Lands saves Mordavia from the evil influence of the Dark One, and meets new friends as well as battles old foes.
The double soundtrack CD (from 2003/04) features the original "Quest for Glory IV - Shadows of Darkness" Roland Sound Canvas SC-55 (General MIDI) soundtrack, with Roland MT-32 and Roland Sound Canvas SC-8850 enhancements! Recorded digitally, using a Sound Blaster Audigy 2 SE.
All tracks in this SMC soundtrack are enhanced - including the "SC-55" and "MT-32" only tracks (no mix), which have had reverb enhancements in their creation, and mixing arrangements.
However, some tracks will have 2 versions: their original SC-55 sequence, and a Roland MT-32 'enhanced mix' (or vice versa in some cases). For such tracks, the text '(Enhanced)' appears in brackets following the track title.
All digital tracks are encoded at 44.1 kHz in stereo (CD quality) in two formats for your convenience:
1. Every track links to a MP3 file (formerly, this would link to Ogg's) encoded with LAME at an average 220 kbps, using the VBR method (if you don't care, it's high-quality).
2. The ZIP at the top of the page is the complete score in Ogg Vorbis format, at quality 7 (an average of 210 kbps), using the VBR method (also high-quality).
For more information, please see SMC's forums and the new MP3/Ogg Vorbis explanation page, as well as the page on how to burn an SMC audio CD (also new!). (Of course, feel welcome to visit the SMC forums/contact Alistair if you have any issues/questions at all.)
ALSO: This rerelease of the old CD has had filenames changed- as lots of tracks on this double CD are repeats with different mixes (there's 17 such tracks), I've marked them "a" and "b" so you can remove repeats if you so wish. If you want to preserve the original playlist, the second "b" track is the special mix track, so the order is the same as the original anyway.
But I understand repeat tracks can be boring, so it's personal taste! (See below the tracklist for more.)
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Ogg Zip files

Disc One

Composer: Aubrey Hodges

01Sierra Fanfare
length: 0:15 min
02Flythrough Sequence (Prelude)/Introduction
length: 4:05 min
03Inside the Caves
length: 2:16 min
04Battle of the Badders
length: 1:26 min
05Battle of the Badders (Enhanced)
length: 2:10 min
06Outside the Caves (The Squid Stone/Swamp)
length: 2:01 min
07Vorpal Bunny Battle
length: 2:00 min
08Vorpal Bunny Battle (Enhanced)
length: 2:00 min
09Staff of Erana
length: 2:32 min
10Mordavia (The Town)
length: 1:47 min
11The Burgomeister (Dmitri)
length: 2:10 min
12Olga's General Store
length: 2:50 min
13Hotel Mordavia
length: 2:41 min
14Adventurers' Guild Hall
length: 4:02 min
15Thieves' Guild (Break-in House)
length: 3:45 min
16The Music Box
length: 1:59 min
17Dr. Cranium's Hallway
length: 1:53 min
18Dr. Cranium's Hallway (Enhanced)
length: 1:52 min
19Dr. Cranium's Laboratory
length: 2:44 min
20Hero's March (Leaving Town)
length: 0:21 min
21Wyvern Battle
length: 2:09 min
22Wyvern Battle (Enhanced)
length: 2:10 min
23Rusalka Lake
length: 1:51 min
24The Leshy
length: 1:31 min
25The Leshy (Enhanced)
length: 1:10 min
26Mordavian Nights
length: 2:46 min
27Meeting with Katrina
length: 0:58 min
28Battle Chase/Escape
length: 1:31 min
29Battle Chase/Escape (Enhanced)
length: 1:30 min
30Revenant Battle
length: 1:49 min
31Revenant Battle (Enhanced)
length: 1:52 min
32Chernovy Battle
length: 1:19 min
33Chernovy Battle (Enhanced)
length: 2:35 min
34The Fairies
length: 2:01 min
35The Fairies (Enhanced)
length: 2:01 min
36Fairy Battle
length: 1:42 min
37Fairy Battle (Enhanced)
length: 1:43 min

Disc Two

Composer: Aubrey Hodges

02The Dream (Nightmare)
length: 1:46 min
03Baba Yaga
length: 2:59 min
04Punny Bones the Jester
length: 2:04 min
05The Gypsies (Camp/Fortune/Dance)
length: 5:57 min
06Necrotaur Battle
length: 2:49 min
07Necrotaur Battle (Enhanced)
length: 2:50 min
08The Graveyard
length: 1:50 min
09The Castle
length: 3:18 min
10Wraith Battle
length: 2:00 min
11Wraith Battle (Enhanced)
length: 2:04 min
12Tanya and Toby
length: 2:35 min
13Tanya and Toby (Enhanced)
length: 2:37 min
14Toby's Sacrifice (Ritual of Release)
length: 1:32 min
15Hounds of Death (Ad Avis)
length: 1:14 min
16Hounds of Death (Ad Avis) (Enhanced)
length: 1:14 min
17Castle Dungeon
length: 1:43 min
18Katrina's Bedroom
length: 2:55 min
19The Monastery
length: 3:04 min
20The Monastery (Enhanced)
length: 3:44 min
21Return to the Castle (Obtained the Rituals)
length: 1:39 min
22Battle With A Boyar (Priest Horror)
length: 1:48 min
23The Final Ritual
length: 2:22 min
24Katrina's Sacrifice
length: 2:05 min
25Katrina's Sacrifice (Enhanced)
length: 2:04 min
26Death of a Hero (The Dark One Rises)
length: 1:25 min
27Ad Avis! (The Final Battle)
length: 1:59 min
length: 3:34 min
length: 3:04 min
30Finale (Enhanced)
length: 2:47 min

Total Time: Using Disc-at-Once CD-R recording method, which all SMC CDs are designed for, total length is 67 tracks, approximately 150:06 minutes - designed to fit on two 80 minute CD-R's (about 75 minutes each).
Of course, with repeat tracks being marked in this rerelease, you can cut out repeats and arrange your second CD any way you wish!
Please post on the SMC forums if you have any opinion on QFG4 at all, whether it be the game, or the music, or my recordings! I'd love to hear it.
All MIDI's recorded/edited/converted/enhanced by SMC. All digital tracks mixed/created by SMC (except 2 tracks from the QuestStudios release, marked above).
A soundtrack by Aubrey Hodges.
CD Produced by SMC, from October 2003 - January 2004.
CD Artwork courtesy of Angela Goode ("Kuro-chan").
Thanks also to the various SMC beta testers, back in the day. Beta testers are always wanted at SMC, so volunteer yourself today at the forums!
All images and original music copyright 1993, Sierra On-Line, Inc. Website copyright 2007, SMC.
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