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King's Quest

King's Quest I SCI: Quest for the Crown

Composer: Ken Allen

01Climbing The Beanstalk
length: 1:38 min

King's Quest III VGA: To Heir is Human Demo

Composer: Brandon Blume and Margaret Lowe

01King's Quest III VGA Demo Introduction
length: 3:30 min
02Title and Credits Screen
length: 2:21 min
03Opening Sequence
length: 2:09 min

King's Quest V: Absence Makes the Heart Go Yonder

Composer: Ken Allen and Mark Seibert

01Swarthy Hog Inn
length: 1:16 min
02Grotesque Pipe Organ
length: 1:08 min
03Battle With Mordack
length: 4:26 min

King's Quest VI: Heir Today, Gone Tomorrow

Composer: Chris Braymen

length: 2:02 min
02River Styx
length: 1:51 min

King's Quest VIII: Mask Of Eternity

Composer: Kevin Manthei, Ben Houge, and Mark Seibert

01Main Theme
length: 2:09 min
02Dark Daventry
length: 6:16 min
03The Wizard
length: 2:55 min
length: 2:10 min
05The Unicorn
length: 1:25 min

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