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Space Quest V: The Next Mutation, Digital Soundtrack CD

What started out as a take-off of Star Trek ends up managing to excel at both humour and drama. It's a non-stop thrill ride of action, adventure and comedy as everyone's favourite space janitor rigs an exam and winds up Captain of his own ship.. well, garbage scow. He'll have to confront his rival Captain Quirk and the sludge dumping that may just put the galaxy in danger, along the way. Not to mention meeting his past (future?) romance, Beatrice.
Anyway, he'll need some help.. Lucky the SCS Eureka crew has a few handy crewmembers to help him do just that- Flo, Droole, and who could forget Cliffy.
This soundtrack CD features the original "Space Quest V: The Next Mutation" Roland SC-55 General MIDI soundtrack, recorded from a Roland Sound Canvas SC-55mkII, with extensive Roland MT-32, Roland SC-8850 ED and Yamaha MU2000 XG enhancements.
All tracks recorded on a Roland SC-D70 digital sound card, at a rate of 44.1 kHz in stereo, and encoded in high-quality LAME MP3 format in the VBR mode, at an average bitrate of 224 kbps.
For more information please see SMC's forums, including the page of information on how to burn a SMC audio CD.
For the purists out there- I know I'm one of them!- master copies are available in lossless WAV format available for shipping upon (patient) request.
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Composer: Chris Stevens and Tim Clarke, 1993

01Sierra Fanfare
length: 0:16 min
02Introduction- Opening Credits
length: 1:27 min
03Introduction- Opening Scenes
length: 5:03 min
04StarCon Academy
length: 1:48 min
05StarCon Aptitude Test
length: 2:18 min
06Busted For Cheating
length: 0:16 min
07Restart, Restore, Quit (Death Theme)
length: 2:07 min
08Cleaning The Academy Crest
length: 1:55 min
09Ambassador Wankmeister ("Bea")
length: 1:24 min
10Ambassadorial Tour
length: 1:09 min
11Computer Glitch/The Conference
length: 1:06 min
12Graduation Day!
length: 1:01 min
13SCS Eureka/Gangularis Mission
length: 2:16 min
14Introducing.. Spike!
length: 2:04 min
15"Maggot To Dung Heep.." (Intercepting The Transmission)
length: 0:58 min
16WD-40 (Gippazoid Novelty Bust)
length: 3:15 min
17Kiz Urazgubi
length: 1:12 min
18WD-40 Attacks!
length: 0:56 min
19The Space Bar
length: 2:19 min
20Battle Cruiser Showdown
length: 3:04 min
21The Brig
length: 2:04 min
22Space Monkeys
length: 0:53 min
23"Starcon Central, Please Hold"
length: 1:45 min
24Klorox II (The Colony)
length: 1:35 min
25Quirk's Distress Call/SCS Goliath's Mutation
length: 1:53 min
26Bea Is Puked (Escape From Thrakus)
length: 1:35 min
27The Goliath Attacks!
length: 1:19 min
28EVA Pod Mission (Rescuing Cliffy)
length: 1:57 min
29Genetix Research Lab
length: 2:49 min
30"What's That You Say, Spikey?"
length: 1:29 min
31Bea Is Saved!
length: 0:51 min
32Aboard The Goliath (The Vents)- Remix
length: 1:38 min
33Aboard The Goliath (The Vents)
length: 1:04 min
34Captain Quirk!
length: 1:12 min
35WD-40 And The Goliath Rescue/Quirk's Escape
length: 2:41 min
36The Blob/The Final Countdown (Quirk/Blob Defeated)
length: 3:11 min
37Closing Scenes
length: 2:49 min
38Medley - SQ5 Demo
length: 3:43 min
39Medley - Additional and Alternate Theme
length: 5:09 min

Total Time: Using Disc-at-Once CD-R recording method with no gaps between tracks, which is how this CD is designed to be burned, total length is approximately 75:56 minutes- designed to fit on a 80 minute CD-R.
All MIDI's recorded/edited/converted/enhanced by SMC, with the exceptions of tracks 22 and 30, where original MIDI data was taken from the QuestStudios SQ5 GM soundtrack.
All digital tracks created/mixed by SMC (except the remix by Frank "xTr1m" Schreiber).
A Soundtrack by Chris Stevens and Tim Clarke
CD Produced by SMC, November 2009 - March 2010 (Initial ideas/recordings from 2004/2005).
CD Artwork courtesy of Stephane Mainil (Bountice) and Akril.
All images and original music copyright 1993, Sierra On-Line, Inc. and Dynamix.
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