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Information: How to burn SMC Audio CD's
« on: July 15, 2007, 11:49:51 PM »
Hey folks,

Once again, a revision of an old guide that badly needed updating. :)

This short guide is not to patronise people (I know most people know how to burn CD's!), rather, it's a guide to show people an easy and good way to burn CD's from SMC's Ogg and MP3 files.

If you have ANY questions, please post here or email me! I'll address it ASAP.
Also, if there are any errors or confusing statements, I'd like to know also.

(NOTE: Obviously you'll need a PC with a CD-R/etc. drive for this guide to be useful!)

1. Download the tracks (and artwork if you wish) from the relevant SMC soundtrack CD page(s).

2. To burn Ogg's:
Get a program like OggdropXPd (for Ogg, can be found at RareWares), and convert the Ogg Vorbis audio files into WAV audio files for burning to a CD (it's as simple as dragging the group of OGG files onto the fish image once you've opened the program).

Alternatively, there's a Nero CD plugin which allows you to burn Ogg's to audio CD's without manual conversion (i.e. you doing it ;) ).If you can't find it via Google, contact me and I'll upload it.

To burn MP3's:
MP3 files can be burned to a normal audio CD without conversion.

What NOT to do
Basically, any method that involves converting from one lossy format to another (Ogg->WAV->MP3 for example).
Definitely, avoid converting Ogg's to MP3 files, which is a misnomer anyway- any program which purports to do that is probably misleading and converting back to WAV and then to MP3 again, which is quality-wise a very poor idea.

BUT- converting Ogg and MP3 to WAV involves no quality loss.

3. Burn your audio CD. A legion of CD-burning programs are out there. Simply use Google if you're unsure where to find one, though I would guess most people are familiar with burning CD's.
Remember SMC digital CD's are designed with all tracks having one second silence at the start of every track, and so are NOT meant to be burned with any more silence inserted (for example, Nero inserts 2 seconds silence at the start of every track by default- if that happens, remove the silence the program adds!).
Any options such as 'remove silence at the end of tracks' (exists in Nero) should also be disabled.
SMC CD's are also designed to be burned using the Disc-At-Once method. SMC advises that not all CD's will fit with Track-At-Once method, and on ones that will fit, will simply waste CD space with extra silence.
Also, use 80-minute CD's, not 74-minute CD's.

What I use- Nero Burning Rom (any version 6 or above is fine) is a very good solution. It's what I use, and love it. Any program which burns Ogg's, or, if you convert the Ogg's->WAV's, WAV's, will do however, and will produce the same quality audio CD.

4. If desired, print the artwork using the best printer and printer paper you can find (I can find good stuff for cheap where I live- I recommend off brands :) ), for optimum results.

5. Cut out the artwork. Please note that SMC CD's are designed for single and double jewel case CD's.
SMC no longer uses/creates CD labels for CD error reasons.
Simply insert the artwork into the front (and if applicable, back) of your new audio CD case.

6. Last but not least, make sure to test your new soundtrack CD in your CD player/stereo system to see if it works!

And above all, have fun with your CD and don't forget to contact me with any questions or comments!

- Alistair

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